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George Church Meets Hollywood

Who knew that Stephen Colbert would be the superpower behind bringing genomics and synthetic biology to the “Nation”? In the past, he has hosted both Francis Collins, NIH Director and Craig Venter, founder of Synthetic Genomics and Celera on The Colbert Report to discuss the human genome and other topics. But this month, the general public got a real treat. George, not normally in the public-eye as much as some of his peers, made his prime time comedy début. He joined Steven to plug his new book, Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves. George talks about the personal genome project and synthetic biology while holding his own with the wily and energetic Colbert. Watch the Church/Colbert clip for a guilty pleasure then buy the book. It will make the perfect birthday and holiday gift for those budding scientists and just about everyone who wants a glimpse of what the genetic future holds.

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