Based in New England

The company is entering the commercial scaling phase accelerated by “best in class” products, strong market acceptance and a solid capital position. Priority number one for its CEO is to leverage the company’s exceptional science and technology foundation to scale direct and OEM sales, expand product offerings and partner with leading companies and customers in the NGS ecosystem to drive revenue growth.

The Company

The company was created to revolutionize NGS library prep to unlock the full potential of today’s DNA sequencing instruments. Our platform is a transformative library prep technology that allows for simple, scalable multiplexing of 100s to 1000s of samples without time- and cost-consuming normalization. The platform has wide-ranging impact on applications from synthetic biology, targeted sequencing and single-cell analysis to low and high depth sequencing of human, plant, animal and microbial genomes.

The company is also developing library prep methods for reagent-based approaches for long-molecule phasing and read linking.

Job Summary

The company is seeking an experienced life science executive to scale a growing business and innovative portfolio of scalable sequencing-based products. Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Developing and creating strategic business plans, and overseeing their focused and tactical execution, in the life science tools industry

  • Leading teams and establishing an innovative and productive culture; identifying experience gaps in existing teams and recruiting and hiring employees to grow quickly; demonstrated ability to work well with an established team and company founders

  • Commercialization of platform-based technologies in the life science arena, identifying high value applications for new platforms and developing and launching products based on core technology

  • Strong domain knowledge in sequencing, library prep, single cell analysis and/or molecular diagnostics; understanding of key market segments for NGS-based assays in these domains

  • Senior leadership role in a life science tools company, such as CEO or COO at a small company or general manager of a division at a large company

  • Leadership experience within a venture funded organization, including in startup environments that foster innovation, speed and efficiency

  • Familiarity with corporate governance practices including working with a board of directors

  • Understanding of corporate finance, including a demonstrated ability to work with existing investors and potentially new investors to sufficiently capitalize company growth

  • Business development experience including experience with OEM agreements, diagnostic supply agreements, and other business to business transactions. Strong relationships with leading molecular diagnostics companies and other companies in the NGS workflow segment would be a plus. Ability to identify and execute collaborations and corporate deals to bring in or acquire complimentary technologies and products.

  • Merger and acquisition experience. Experience executing a corporate trade sale is advantageous.

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