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For those interested in general salary and work trends in our industry, GenomeWebpublished their 10th annual salary survey. They include a graph of median salaries in different regions from Researcher to VP of R&D and one that shows median salaries by title, gender and experience. Christie Rizk, assistant editor at Genome Technology does a good job summarizing trends and the article is definitely worth a read.

Finding the right person for a critical position is a multistage, multifaceted process, but not one, as Bono sings that has to feel like “climbing the highest mountain.” It all starts with the hiring manager getting very clear and very specific about the qualifications and qualities that will bring value to the team and the company. It can be difficult to distill down exactly what you need, but it’s necessary — not only for writing the all-important job description, but also for knowing what to look for in candidates during the hiring...

I know, I know — you’re busy and your budget is tight. All the more reason to help young scientists and entrepreneurs advance. Student internships are an excellent way to add additional horsepower to a tactical project while helping train our next “best and brightest.” At Flagship Ventures, I engaged a number of the MIT Harvard e-Lab graduate students. They did an excellent job developing competitive landscapes, researching markets and conducting due diligence on new companies and opportunities we were considering. Many of the [execut...

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