Chief Technology Officer — DNA Storage & Computing

Company Overview
CATALOG is changing the way the world stores and computes data by using DNA as a platform. Through billions of years of evolution, nature has made DNA not only a great medium to store data in, but also the perfect medium for massively parallel computation. We are tapping into this technology to usher in an age where entire data centers fit in the volume of a sugar cube, data lasts for thousands of years, and all archived data can be computed on. Based in Boston, CATALOG is a venture backed company conquering new problems in an unexplored and groundbreaking field.

Position Summary
We are seeking a highly communicative, entrepreneurial CTO to lead our technological development and to bring our solutions to market. You should have experience and passion in taking early stage deep tech platforms from pilot stage through to large scale commercial offerings. You must be comfortable with the fact that this will involve the creation of entire market segment(s) de novo, while simultaneously managing the development of the product itself. The CTO must develop an intimate understanding of the extensively interdisciplinary company technology in order to drive its strategic roadmap, as well as to become the technical face of the company to partners, thought leaders, and investors.

Duties and Responsibilities

Define and execute the technology strategic roadmap for DNA-based data storage and computation in line with broader company goals.

  • Present clear direction of technology development with accompanying timelines.

  • Own existing partnerships and develop new ones across a wide variety of industry segments including data storage, oil & gas, and entertainment.

  • Scale these partnerships to commercially meaningful revenue sources that will build value for the company and inform fundraising and exit strategies.

  • Manage the advancement of company technology, software, and applications.

  • Keep watch on related markets and adjust accordingly while constantly developing relationships with potential Strategics.

  • Identify risks within the company and find solutions.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Excitement in bringing new technology to market.

  • Ability to succinctly communicate complicated situations both internally and externally; explain complex concepts at several different levels of detail and modulate depending on audience; speak to customers and investors in diverse settings.

  • Deep technical expertise in various aspects of information technology such as data storage, parallel computation, high performance computing, and non-Von Neumann architecture, as well as the competitive technology landscape.

  • Existing relationships with high level executives of companies that currently require extensive data storage, archival, and computationally intensive tasks.

  • Proven track record of developing strategy roadmaps that result in initial pilots morphed to large scale commercial engagements.

  • Ability to leverage customer insights overlaid with market opportunities to prioritize and develop product features that ultimately result in large commercial opportunities.

  • Understanding of P&L with the ability to develop a landscape of product opportunities with partners then prioritize them with commercial criteria in mind.

  • Demonstrated strategic and tactical experience advancing a technology into marketable product opportunities.

  • Proven track record of successful business and corporate development involving initial partnership development and scaling those relationships.

  • Graduate degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field required. Experience with biotechnology a plus.

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