As we all know, it’s location, location, location when thinking about real estate. And in the Biotech world the best companies and labs are always  situated near world class academic institutes and medical centers. Boston has MIT, Harvard, Mass General and Dana Farber while San Francisco boasts Stanford, Cal Berkeley and UCSF Medical Center. And not to be ignored, San Diego is home to  Scripts, the Ludwig Institute, and CALTech. So it follows that these regions have garnered the lion share of biotech venture money and jobs because the...

Some of the best innovations in science have come from the combination of different technologies. For instance, look at the Ion Proton system from Life Technologies which combines core technologies in DNA sequencing and semiconductor fabrication. But there are so many developments in our different fields that it is hard to keep current. One way of trying to keep up to date is to follow a few good websites from innovators and knowledgeable bloggers. Here are a few of my favorites that hopefully will keep you up to date without being ov...

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