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So we finish up the year with two mildly good stories. Unemployment continues to slowly tick down and the genomic world continues to speed ahead albeit with some slight hiccups. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, we started out in January, 2012 with a 8.3% unemployment rate and will finish the year somewhere around 7.8%. That does not seem like a big difference but considering in Oct of 2009 we were at 10%, it seems a little more significant. My personal outlook is the job market in our life science and diagnostics in...

Who knew that Stephen Colbert would be the superpower behind bringing genomics and synthetic biology to the “Nation”? In the past, he has hosted both Francis Collins, NIH Director and Craig Venter, founder of Synthetic Genomics and Celera on The Colbert Report to discuss the human genome and other topics. But this month, the general public got a real treat. George, not normally in the public-eye as much as some of his peers, made his prime time comedy début. He joined Steven to plug his new book, Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will...

For those interested in general salary and work trends in our industry, GenomeWebpublished their 10th annual salary survey. They include a graph of median salaries in different regions from Researcher to VP of R&D and one that shows median salaries by title, gender and experience. Christie Rizk, assistant editor at Genome Technology does a good job summarizing trends and the article is definitely worth a read.

Venture capital and investment funding continue to be tight for emerging companies, but the first glimmers of hope are out there — really BG Medicine, which I had the pleasure to help found, successfully launched their IPO on NASDAQ in February. Granted, they didn’t raise as much as they’d hoped in 2008; but they now have the capital to continue their biomarker/cardiovascular plans. February also saw about $75 million raised by Fluidigm, an emerging leader in microfluidics and genomics. After spending their first few years developing...

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