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For those interested in general salary and work trends in our industry, GenomeWebpublished their 10th annual salary survey. They include a graph of median salaries in different regions from Researcher to VP of R&D and one that shows median salaries by title, gender and experience. Christie Rizk, assistant editor at Genome Technology does a good job summarizing trends and the article is definitely worth a read.

The legacy of Steve Jobs is breathtaking. In many ways, he remade our expectations and experience of technology. In many ways, that is, he remade our path to the future. As researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who dedicate our lives and careers to innovating in our own fields, I think we have a special appreciation for this remarkable man and his accomplishments. And we have a special opportunity, perhaps even an obligation, to learn from the aspects of his character that allowed him to achieve what he did. It feels like a fitti...

Even if you’ve never pulled on a pair of waders, you know that to hook the right fish you need the right lure. Why do so many people forget this when angling for jobs?  It’s all about specificity. About what sets off your strengths to make it obvious you’re particularly perfect for a particular job.

Think metrics. After many years of placing high-level commercialization people, I still puzzle over why business leaders who live and die by sales and revenue numbers so often leave metrics off their resumes. In my experience, there is...

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