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Massachusetts has long tried to pass legislation regarding non-compete laws with no real success.  Many in the venture community believe California’s fluidity in allowing employees to be unencumbered by non-compete law, help drive entrepreneurship and innovation.  In particular, an example offered is that Silicon Valley thrived while Rt 128 declined.  Duval Patrick tried to work on this in 2014 with no luck but Charlie Baker signed a new piece of legislation that goes into effect Oct 1. 

The good news is that it makes some changes...

We all agree that it is important to continue to learn and try new things.  This may take the form of learning about new technologies, like CRISPR, or software programs that provide new levels of productivity at work. But sometimes it’s important to simply learn more about oneself.  Over the years I have found Myers Briggs, the Four Personality Types and various theories on personality interesting.  They have helped me understand how I communicate and how I may be perceived, and also provide insights as to how others may prefer t...

Hiring in Q3 continues to be strong in the life science market.  Hear are some of the roles available thru the Sonder Group.  Reach out to learn more, share with a friend or meet up with me at Boston Biotech week.

Vice President, Oncology Diagnostics Commercialization (Boston or Baltimore)

New Molecular diagnostics company founded by leaders at Johns Hopkins Medical School seek a commercial strategy leader to oversee the development & execution of a launch plan for the cancer diagnostics business including sales, marketing and...

Networking and making new connections with people in our own area of expertise or across different fields is something we do all of the time. A common question is often, “what do you do?” Most of us answer with a flat, one size fits all statement like, in my case, “I do biotech executive search.”  When we do something like that, we miss out on potential meaningful connections with others.  But good news, Sam Horn thinks we can change that by giving the person you are speaking to the opportunity to share and relate with you in a n...

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